PROJECT:  Discover Front Royal - Database 

  1. Data encompassing the 18 fans (right)
    • Example:  List of 30 wineries w/in 30 minutes
    • Names, Locations and Directions
    • Contact information
  2. Provide databse electronically
    • Clickable fan blades for website use
  3. Provide database hardcopy
    • Distribute to local businesses and organizations


PROJECT:  Trails and Loops 

  1. Multiple Loops/Trails in each of the 18 fans (right) like wine:
    • Eastern Wine Trail
    • Western Wine Trail
    • Southern Wine Trail
  2. Generate rack cards for each trail/loop
  3. Distribute rack cards throughout the area
  4. Example:  The Blue Ridge Wine & Whiskey Loop from Luray tourism
  5. Trils could then be added together to create a multiple day package.


PROJECT:  YouTube Video

  1. We have a lot to say about our area.  Picture the activities and adventures behind the 18 fan blades (right)
    • Gliders and hot air balloons soaring over the valley
    • Canoes and kayaks going down the river
    • Festivals and Farmers markets
    • Horseback riders
    • Hikers and Bikers
    • Wineries
    • Caverns
    • and more...
  2. Example:  Grand Rapids YouTube video (Over 5 million viewings)
  3. Potentially two videos
    • One fast paced music video depicting the activities and adventures available within 30 minutes of Front Royal.
    • One serene video depicting our heritage, relaxation, views, and history